École John W. MacLeod - Fleming Tower School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Abi Daoud, Carine 2 French CAbi-Daoud@hrce.ca
Wesley, Diane 20 % English Resource dwesley@hrce.ca
MacPhail, Tanya 3/4 English Tanya.MacPhail@hrce.ca
MacIntosh-Robar, Fiona Band Teacher FMacIntosh-Robar@hrce.ca
Sukkar, Antoinette Core French ASukkar@hrce.ca
Davis, Heather ELT/Reading Recovery HDavies@hrce.ca
Chandler, Lindsay French Literacy Support ALP and Coaching lchandler@hrce.ca
Roussel, Mandy French Resource Amanda.Roussel@hrce.ca
Coughlin, Heather Grade 1 French Immersion Heather.Coughlin@hrce.ca
Dibblee, Diana Grade 1 French Immersion ddibblee@hrce.ca
Ratchford, Debbie Grade 2 English dratchford@hrce.ca
Arora, Asha Grade 2 French Immersion Aarora@hrce.ca
Munro, Nancy Grade 2/3 French NMunro@hrce.ca
LeDuc, Laura Grade 3 French LLeDuc@hrce.ca
Power, Carolyn Grade 3 French Carolyn.Power@hrce.ca Website
Langille, Mary Grade 4 French Immersion mlangille@hrce.ca Website
Thompson, Emily Grade 4/5 English ethompson@hrce.ca
Penny Tuck, Laura Grade 4/5 French LPenny-Tuck@hrce.ca
Coxen-Rudderham, Joanne Grade 5/6 English JRudderham@hrce.ca
Johnson, Taylor Grade 5/6 French Taylor.Johnson@hrce.ca Website
Little, Jennifer Grade 6 English Jennifer.Little@hrce.ca Twitter
Michaud, Richard Grade 6 French Immersion / Website Administrator rmichaud@gnspes.ca Website
Bennett, Lisa Grade P/1 English BennettL@hrce.ca
Smith, Emily Grade P/1 French E.Smith@hrce.ca
Shillington, Caitlin Grade Primary French Caitlin.Shillington@hrce.ca
Wall, Lisa Guidance Counsellor Lwall@hrce.ca
McKeough, Christine Learning Center CMcKeough@hrce.ca Twitter
Rodney, Jason Learning Centre JRodney@hrce.ca
TBA, TBA Music
Tara, Sampson Music - Fleming Tower (40%) tsampson@hrce.ca
Burton, Pam Music Teacher PBurton@hrce.ca
Huczel, Achilles Physical Education AHuczel@hrce.ca
Fellows, Patricia Primary PFellows@hrce.ca
Whalen, Katie Primary French KWhalen@hrce.ca Twitter
Andrews, Erin Primary French AndrewsE@hrce.ca
Hartigan, Paula Resource phartigan@hrce.ca
Simmonds, Meghan Strings Teacher MSimmonds@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Manuel, Laura 80 % EPA
Wilson-Hagens, Nicole 80 % EPA
Goneau, Carol EPA CGoneau@hrce.ca
Collins-Juteau, Karen EPA Karen.Collins-Juteau@hrce.ca
Tufts, Tara EPA Tara.Tufts@hrce.ca
Doucet, Connie EPA CDoucette@hrce.ca
Billard, Lori EPA LBillard@hrce.ca
Allen, Sharmen EPA 50% Sharmen.Allen@hrsb.ca
Hahn, Oliver Librarian Oliver.Hahn@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Quigley, Emily Principal equigley@hrce.ca Twitter
Ritcey, Kimberlee Secretary kritcey@hrce.ca
MacRae, Ian Vice Principal IMacRae@hrce.ca