École John W. MacLeod - Fleming Tower School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Quigley, Emily Principal equigley@hrce.ca Twitter
MacRae, Ian Vice Principal IMacRae@hrce.ca
Ritcey, Kimberlee Secretary kritcey@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
AbiDaoud, Carine 2/3 French CAbi-Daoud@hrsb.ca
Andrews, Erin Primary/One French AndrewsE@hrce.ca
Arora, Asha Grade 2 French Immersion Aarora@hrce.ca
Bell, Lauren Grade 2 French Lbell@hrce.ca
Burton, Pam Music Teacher PBurton@hrce.ca
Chandler, Lindsay French Literacy Support ALP and Coaching lchandler@hrce.ca
Coughlin, Heather Grade 1/2 French Immersion Heather.Coughlin@hrce.ca
Coxon-Rudderham, Joanne Grade 5 English JRudderham@hrce.ca
Currie, Brenda Music
Davies, Heather Primary HDavies@hrce.ca
Dibblee, Diana Grade 1 French Immersion ddibblee@hrce.ca
Hartigan, Paula Resource phartigan@hrce.ca
Huczel, Achilles Physical Education AHuczel@hrce.ca
Jaillet, Ginette French Resource 50% gjaillet@hrce.ca
Langille, Mary Grade Five French Immersion mlangille@hrce.ca Website
Little, Jennifer Grade 6 English (60%) Jennifer.Little@hrce.ca Twitter
MacIntosh-Robar, , Fiona Band Teacher FMacIntosh-Robar@hrce.ca
Manderville, Ann Grade Two French Ann.Manderville@hrce.ca
Michaud, Richard Grade 6 French Immersion / Website Administrator rmichaud@gnspes.ca Website
Opdebeck, Pamela Primary English POpdebeck@hrce.ca
Pike, Jason Primary English JPike@hrce.ca
Power, Carolyn Grade 3 French Carolyn.Power@hrce.ca Website
Ratchford, Debbie 3/4 English dratchford@hrce.ca
Ridgley, Erin 4/5 French ERidgley@hrsb.ca
Rodney, Jason Learning Centre JRodney@hrce.ca
Sanford, Jennifer Grade 4/5 French Immersion sanfordj@hrce.ca
Selkirk, Dan Phys. Ed. (30%) DSelkirk@hrce.ca
Shillington, Caitlin Primary/One French Caitlin.Shillington@hrsb.ca
Simmonds, Meghan Strings Teacher MSimmonds@hrce.ca
Steeves, Julia Grade Four English Steeves.Julia@hrce.ca
Sukkar, Antoinette Core French ASukkar@hrce.ca
Tara, Sampson Music - Fleming Tower (40%) tsampson@hrce.ca
Wall, Lisa Guidance Counsellor Lwall@hrce.ca
Wesley, Diane 20 % English Resource dwesley@hrce.ca
Whalen, Katie Primary French KWhalen@hrce.ca Twitter

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Allen, Sharmen EPA 50% Sharmen.Allen@hrsb.ca
Billard, Lori EPA LBillard@hrce.ca
Collins-Juteau, Karen EPA Karen.Collins-Juteau@hrce.ca
Doucet, Connie EPA CDoucette@hrce.ca
Goneau, Carol EPA CGoneau@hrce.ca
Hahn, Oliver Librarian Oliver.Hahn@hrce.ca
Manuel, Laura 80 % EPA
Tufts, Tara EPA Tara.Tufts@hrce.ca
Wilson-Hagens, Nicole 80 % EPA