École John W. MacLeod - Fleming Tower School


How do I know which days, "Hot-Lunch", "Subway" and/or "Pizza" will be delivered?

The dates are always posted on the order form. Please write these dates down on your calendars.

"Hot-Lunch" is delivered on Wednesdays.           

"Subway" is delivered on Thursdays.     

"Pizza" is delivered on Friday.

Am I allowed to send my child to school with medication?

Yes, but the following  stipulations must be followed and observed.

* The proper medical forms must be filled with the office prior to medication is sent to school.

* A doctor's note must be included with the medical forms.

* The medication will be kept in the office (either in a locked cabinet or in the staff room fridge).

* For safety, children ARE NOT to self-medicate. 

When does Primary Registration start?

Primary registration is held Feb 1-28th

What is needed for Primary Registration?

The forms can be found online or at your school. You also need to bring proof of address and identification for your child (ie: birth certificate or passport)

Who do we make the cheque payable too? All cheques should be written to John W. Macleod Fleming Tower School

Where can I find a copy of the Minutes for the SAC & Home & School monthly meetings? All minutes will be posted to the school website after they have been approved at the next meeting. For example Feb minutes will be approved at the March meeting & then posted.

How often are the SAC and Home & School meetings held?

Typically they held once a month with with exception of December when we often skip due to so many other school related events. These meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of the month at the JW site. A reminder for the meetings will be posted on our school Facebook page a few days prior to the meeting.

When is running club held & what grades can participate?

There are two running clubs. One for the older grades (4-6) and one for the younger ones (P-3). Keeping checking back to the school website for news and information.

Typically, the older grades go to the, "Frog Pond", every Thursday, from 2:45 - 3:45. The start date will be posted on the school website.